Keeping with the University of California's commitment to accountability, an annual report is provided to the Board of Regents each January on UC's progress toward meeting the goals in the Policy on Sustainable Practices.

For campus-specific policies and programs, see the individual campus web sites.

Highlights of 2013 Achievements:

  • In 2013, three campuses placed in the Sierra Club's top ten greenest universities and six placed in the top twenty-five;
  • By the end of 2013 UC had 143 LEED™ certifications (total of new construction, renovation, and existing building certifications), the most of any university in the country;
  • In 2013, the University added 23 LEED certifications, including 13 projects that received LEED Platinum, the highest rating available;
  • The University has over 20 megawatts of onsite renewable energy generation installed or under construction;
  • More than $84.6 million in energy efficiency grant funding has been received since 2004, with approximately $18.2 million received in 2013;
  • Annual avoided costs from energy efficiency projects implemented to date are approximately $28 million; cumulative avoided costs from energy efficiency projects implemented since 2004 are now over $110 million;
  • Seven campuses and medical centers have met the goal of decreasing per capita potable water consumption by 20 percent;
  • UCLA and UCSF Medical Centers joined the residential dining services at Berkeley, Davis, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara's retail dining operation, in surpassing the 2020 goal of procuring at least 20 percent sustainable food;
  • UC medical centers now save more than $3 million annually through waste reduction and energy efficiency initiatives.

2013 Annual Sustainability Report (pdf)

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